How to Position Yourself as a Software Engineer

The job market is hot, hot, hot There’s no denying it – the job market is on fire for job seekers. The beginning of 2022 in the Netherlands brought record-setting job openings. 387,000 vacancies, to be precise. What’s more, the rate of vacancy was greatest for the information and tech sector, with a significant number […]

Tips to ace your coding interview

Applying for a software engineering job can mean you will be asked all sorts of questions. During the initial interview, the questions will probably be pretty straightforward, such as ‘Tell us about a project you successfully completed’ – use our Interview like a STAR post to prepare to answer those. Once you clear the first step […]

Interview like a STAR

Even if you have years of software engineering experience under your belt, job interviews can be stressful! Not to worry, here is a secret recipe – STAR interview technique, that will help you explain how you navigated bumps (or bugs?) along the road on a previous software development project before ultimately arriving at a positive […]