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How do we do that?

Recruitment process outsourcing is a hybrid form of "no cure, no pay" and “IT freelance” recruitment. This includes dedicated hours with recruitment managers per week, focusing on:

1. Defining the recruitment process.
2. Translating these requirements into suitable vacancies.
3. Publishing these vacancies, including outreach via LinkedIn-posts & InMail.
4. Approaching suitable candidates with tailor-made messages (InMail).
5. Screening incoming candidates.
6. Providing timely and adequate follow-up with candidates in their interview process.
7. Establishing an effective interview process.
8. Weekly meetings to fine-tune and measure the process.

This is what happens when you apply our Ninja method.

Jonathan is toegetreden tot het TomTom Global Talent Acquisition Team als Senior Talent Consultant om de groei van ons technisch talent in 2021 te helpen groeien. Jonathan is een strategische partner van ons bedrijf en teamspeler in ons HR-team geweest! Hij heeft een belangrijke rol gespeeld bij het veiligstellen van cruciale talenten voor ons bedrijf en het bieden van uitstekende kandidaat-ervaring. Hij heeft uitstekende relaties opgebouwd met onze stakeholders en begrijpt de business van TomTom om effectief met kandidaten te communiceren. Jonathan is uiterst procesgericht en kan door het gebruik van data en inzichten de wervingsstrategie aansturen en beïnvloeden. Ik kan de hulp van Jonathan ten zeerste aanbevelen voor cruciale wervingsbehoeften

G.Gally Talent Acquisition Manager @ TomTom

Jonathan gets things done. He listens, gets a great understanding of the demand, and then comes up with innovative solutions and extremely fast results. He is dedicated, a creative thinker, and finds talent in markets where others said it would be impossible! I enjoyed our collaboration!

S.Sonnenburg Director Machine Learning/AI/Data Science @ TomTom

I love the way Jonathan works. He is not just a recruiter, he is personally involved in finding the right fit for the right company, culture, and person, and exceeded our expectations every time.

P.Hofman Managing Director @ Jongens van Techniek

What will I see in the Ninja Recruitment video?

Meet Jonathan Garcia

Jonathan Garcia is a recruitment professional who's helped 500+ IT talents find their new challenge at 50+ remarkable brands in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Spain, and Germany.

He started his career in a recruitment agency (back in 2016) and worked as a freelance recruiter at multinationals like TomTom (more recently 2022). Within his clients, he is known as a recruitment expert with a personal touch.

Whether you require recruitment services, employer branding, or interim recruitment support—we're here to help! Contact us and grow your remarkable brand. Best, Jonathan

Frequently asked questions about the explainer video:

This step-by-step guide helps hiring managers create an impeccable candidate journey and hire top talent more efficiently.

Yes, every company is competing for talent within a highly saturated market. Hence, consciously creating a step-by-step blueprint for your recruitment process will give you the upper hand to compete for the best talent in the market.

You will find a step-by-step guide with examples, giving key insights on how to set up your process. Ultimately, becoming more aware of your recruitment needs, curating job descriptions, interview process, creating a talent pool, and Inmail's best practices.

Fair question, since you are bombarded with ads and stories. We are a boutique agency focused on working with the best organizations in the market by delivering professional recruitment services based on years of accumulated experience. We love building a business with people. It's up to you to judge if we are fulfilling your recruitment needs.

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Where should we send this explainer video to?

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Where should we send this explainer video to?

Where should we send this explainer video to?

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