Introducing a story about a Software Engineer Part 2

Introducing a story about a Software Engineer, Part 2

Introducing a story about a Software Engineer.

What Are The Good Points Of Working With Solvism?

So, what I really liked about working with Solvism, is that they really took the time to read through my profile and ask me what my interests are. And also in the contact with the different companies, Solvism made sure to communicate my wishes clearly.

What Is Important For You To Work With A Recruiter?

Solvism put my interest first. I was looking for a company with a young team and an inspirational environment, working together on problems that are difficult to tackle. Overall, I really enjoyed working with Solvism. I think it is a great way to start your career and grow as an engineer.

Can You Give Some Advice To Talents Such As Yourself?

My advice? That is a good question! Stay visible and update your LinkedIn, GitHub and personal website. Make sure these are visible and showcasing exactly what you can do.

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Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia

I founded Solvism to help talented professionals find their next step at remarkable brands. As a founder, I want you not only be successful, but also enjoy the journey of getting there!

We specialize in connecting talented people with remarkable brands.

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