Introducing a story about a Software Engineer

Introducing a story about a Software Engineer

Ever wondered how fellow software engineers experience their job search? Introducing a story of Casper, who has recently kicked started his career with Solvism.

  • Who are you?

Hi my name is Casper, I am 25 years old, and I am Computer Science student here from The Netherlands. Recently, I was approached by Jonathan from Solvism for a software engineering opportunities here in The Hague area. 

  • What job did you find via Solvism?

As Cloud and Software Engineer, I will be working with a great team of people. We will be working on custom solutions for our clients in Microsoft Azure. 

  • How did the process look like?

So, the whole process was very smooth. Jonathan found my online profile and asked if I had any interests in opportunities. During my introductory call,  I explained him who I am and what I am interested in. He managed to introduce me to several opportunities that were close by.

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Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia

I founded Solvism to help talented professionals find their next step at remarkable brands. As a founder, I want you not only be successful, but also enjoy the journey of getting there!

We specialize in connecting talented people with remarkable brands.

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