How to Position Yourself as a Software Engineer

The job market is hot, hot, hot There’s no denying it – the job market is on fire for job seekers. The beginning of 2022 in the Netherlands brought record-setting job openings. 387,000 vacancies, to be precise. What’s more, the rate of vacancy was greatest for the information and tech sector, with a significant number […]

Tips to ace your coding interview

Applying for a software engineering job can mean you will be asked all sorts of questions. During the initial interview, the questions will probably be pretty straightforward, such as ‘Tell us about a project you successfully completed’ – use our Interview like a STAR post to prepare to answer those. Once you clear the first step […]

Introducing a story about a Software Engineer

Introducing a story about a Software Engineer

Ever wondered how fellow software engineers experience their job search? Introducing a story of Casper, who has recently kicked started his career with Solvism. Who are you? Hi my name is Casper, I am 25 years old, and I am Computer Science student here from The Netherlands. Recently, I was approached by Jonathan from Solvism […]

Introducing a story about a Software Engineer, Part 2

Introducing a story about a Software Engineer Part 2

Introducing a story about a Software Engineer. What Are The Good Points Of Working With Solvism? So, what I really liked about working with Solvism, is that they really took the time to read through my profile and ask me what my interests are. And also in the contact with the different companies, Solvism made […]

Your Personal Recruiter: An Intro Into Solvism

Your Personal Recruiter: An Intro Into Solvism

Now this is a story all about how the Dutch labor market got flipped turned upside down, and I’d like to take a minute just sit right there I’ll tell you how Jonathan Garcia brought Solvism here. Recently, the Dutch labour market’s employment and vacancy statistics have undergone a dramatic shift. Compared to the previous […]

How has a year of COVID-19 shaped the IT job market?

The IT sector hasn’t suffered much from COVID-19. At least, that is what many people think. But what is really happening in the market after a year of economic blows caused by the pandemic?  Now that the first pandemic year is behind us, the economic damage caused by COVID-19 is becoming clear. In this first […]